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This is what happens when you take a degree that you hate


Ok I’m going to have to scrap my last comment about the lack of things to complain about, as I have just received an email from my tutor about some essays which he was meant to have marked by the 16th of February! Thats well over a month ago. Tut tut Alan.
In the email he’s displaying yet again, his remarkable ability in hypocrisy, and it appears a new ability in gloating! This is the second email he has sent apologizing for the delay, but I’d just like to draw your attention to the recent email.

Picture 2

I’m sure we are all avidly interested in your obvious academic ability – I’m so proud of your A+ and the number of hours you have been putting in for this wonderful grant of yours. It sounds like such a hard subject, and I bet your research will change the world to be sure. Good idea to put in a plug for the people you are hoping to be involved with too.
What was the purpose of the email again? I forgot after having to wade through all the blatant gloating there. Oh yeh, the essays. It’s nice to know us students are so important to you! Although you are the senior lecturer after all, so research must be of the utmost importance, and you’re right, it’s ‘for the standing of the University as one of the foremost in the country’, but really, why bother? Your department barely exists any more, and the University is hardly known for it!

You take your time with marking our essays, I’m sure we’ll all be happy to receive them at your earliest convenience.



Well well, I haven’t written much in here for a while. I apologize. Actually, no I don’t. Technically, seeing as this is a place for ranting about my ‘degree’ and such, it’s probably more of a good thing that I haven’t written here, as it means I haven’t had anything to complain about! That’s still true really, to a point. Recently I’ve just been ignoring its existence. Not the work – i’m still doing that, begrudgingly, but the fact that my degree exists. OK that doesn’t make a lot of sense really. It sounded alright in my head :p

Anyway, for a short catchup, the rats have now officially gone, although we still have rat poison in the roof for us to eat if the cupboards run bare. Oh and the Grad ball is still on track as previously mentioned, although now there will be no food provided at all, and we will be paying £30 for just turning up at two local clubs. How is that worth it on any level?? There is a revolt going on as a good chunk of other students don’t want it either, but I doubt anything will come of that.

I was going to rant about my hair today as I’ve just had it cut. Basically the hairdresser was completely deaf and blind, as I provided her with many pictures to my specified cut from hair magazines, and told her very explicit instructions, but she decided to ignore both, and I ended up walking out of the hairdressers £30 poorer looking pretty much the same as i went in, except poker straight and ginger. I hate it when they straighten it so much. It always makes my hair look so thin and straw-like, and I have very thick hair!! However i’m actually warming to it now so I don’t think I need to continue any further, and to be fair it’s not really ginger – more bright copper, but still!



I have an origami calender and today I made a whale. Look at him go, swimming along with all the..wooden fish and stuff..

I’ve named him Boris. Boris the whale
You should get one!

Anyhoo, my tutor has decided that he doesn’t like my dissertation idea anymore. He has decided to tell me this the week before I’m due to hand in my entire draft..
Well. He can just go climb up a big big pole you do. For those who don’t know, he has done this many times before. From a blog in a past life:

“When we were deciding what to do our dissertations on in the summer, he said he liked my idea.
In first seminar with him, he said he *didn’t* like my idea, so i had to think of idea number two in a week.
In the next seminar, when i had subject number 2 ready, he decided again that he actually *did* like my first idea after all…”

So this makes it the 4th time he has changed his mind.
Any of you watched that kids program ‘My parents are aliens’? It was really good before they replaced the mother. Anyway, My tutor is kinda a mixture of the dad in that and.. tony blair (he doesn’t deserve capital letters) Thats the only way I can describe him! Well whatever. I don’t even listen to the man anymore.

I’m going to make a jacket potato with tuna and cheese now. They never have alienotic or blairish tendencies. Apart from when they go green. but none of mine are green, so all is good!



(Photo from kidicarus222 photostream)

None of my house-mates understand this, but I don’t want to go to my graduation. To me its pure logic. I hate my course and I hate my college that I have to graduate under, so why would I want to ‘celebrate’ my degree by sitting in a big hall for several hours with people I don’t know to pick up a piece of paper, and fork out a load of money for the pleasure? I know that sounds bitter, but I don’t care. My parents recently attended my sisters graduation, and even they admitted it was boring. The ceremony lasted 3 hours, and my sister was only on stage for a few seconds! Value for money? I don’t think soo.

So as a compromise I have agreed to go to the graduate ball instead. Even that is a big deal for me, as it means wearing a dress, and that just a no go area. So i’m (hopefully) getting one made to measure, in the hope that it will look at least ok. I was starting to look forward to it, because well, its the last time I get to see everyone before I leave uni for good and I get too look all fancy (I *will* look good). However I have now been put off from that too, as last night I heard from some sources that the graduate ball is going to be more like a night on the town. Oh the joy. Instead of going to a nice venue somewhere exciting, it is supposedly going to be held in the local night club. Instead of being treated to a nice meal in the nice venue somewhere exciting, we are going to be given some food vouchers for some local participating (and I might add distinctly average) restaurants, where we will be expected to eat at said restaurant in our posh dresses and then trek over to the club afterwards.. now, not to be to ungrateful or anything, I was expecting a little more than that considering its a grad ball. I don’t see the point in putting any effort in what so ever now. Although I suppose its a bit of a fitting end to my university life..

Man i’m bitter!


rat trap

I have never, ever known a council to respond so quickly to anything in my life!! I’ve worked for a borough council before and I know how slow they can be with all their procedures and processes. I thought our council was the same – for example, it took them nearly an entire term to deliver a couple of recycling boxes! But it seems the department of pest control is rather efficient! I mentioned yesterday that we rung pest control. They told us they would contact us in a few days, which in council talk usually means a full week, but nope! This morning a man arrived, with a very cool expandable ladder (I want one!) and a big fat bucket full of rat poison.

Luckily it turns out the problem isn’t that bad at all. He checked out the kitchen, the boiler in my room and the man hole outside, and found no traces of vermin, and so he swung himself on up into the roof like a little monkey into a tree to have a sniff around. He confirmed our fears, we did in fact have rats, and the roof stank of it! But it’s all good now. Poison has been left in various places, and he is going to come back next week to collect the goods.. lovely. It’s nice to know that we weren’t just imagining things!

Woo for the council!!