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The traps are set..

rat trap

I have never, ever known a council to respond so quickly to anything in my life!! I’ve worked for a borough council before and I know how slow they can be with all their procedures and processes. I thought our council was the same – for example, it took them nearly an entire term to deliver a couple of recycling boxes! But it seems the department of pest control is rather efficient! I mentioned yesterday that we rung pest control. They told us they would contact us in a few days, which in council talk usually means a full week, but nope! This morning a man arrived, with a very cool expandable ladder (I want one!) and a big fat bucket full of rat poison.

Luckily it turns out the problem isn’t that bad at all. He checked out the kitchen, the boiler in my room and the man hole outside, and found no traces of vermin, and so he swung himself on up into the roof like a little monkey into a tree to have a sniff around. He confirmed our fears, we did in fact have rats, and the roof stank of it! But it’s all good now. Poison has been left in various places, and he is going to come back next week to collect the goods.. lovely. It’s nice to know that we weren’t just imagining things!

Woo for the council!!


4 Responses to “The traps are set..”

  1. Woo, just think all those lovely rats are now Haemoraging internally and slowly dying right above your head. They were probably having a great time up there and then you came along and spoiled it!

    Hehehe you should have invested in a leopard, called it ernie and sent it up there. Much quicker and waay more entertaining!

  2. Whats this “moderation” crap! Are you to posh to put my messages straight up? Don’t pretend its to stop the spammers, you love the vibrator adverts really :oD

    P.S I don’t expect this to get through your strict moderator guidelines but just incase it does: wee-wee poo-poo nob-head!

  3. don’t worry, it only does it once! It’s on a learning curve

  4. Ahh ok, I can’t believe you put that comment up! How embarrasing. Appologies for my language 🙂

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