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This is what happens when you take a degree that you hate



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None of my house-mates understand this, but I don’t want to go to my graduation. To me its pure logic. I hate my course and I hate my college that I have to graduate under, so why would I want to ‘celebrate’ my degree by sitting in a big hall for several hours with people I don’t know to pick up a piece of paper, and fork out a load of money for the pleasure? I know that sounds bitter, but I don’t care. My parents recently attended my sisters graduation, and even they admitted it was boring. The ceremony lasted 3 hours, and my sister was only on stage for a few seconds! Value for money? I don’t think soo.

So as a compromise I have agreed to go to the graduate ball instead. Even that is a big deal for me, as it means wearing a dress, and that just a no go area. So i’m (hopefully) getting one made to measure, in the hope that it will look at least ok. I was starting to look forward to it, because well, its the last time I get to see everyone before I leave uni for good and I get too look all fancy (I *will* look good). However I have now been put off from that too, as last night I heard from some sources that the graduate ball is going to be more like a night on the town. Oh the joy. Instead of going to a nice venue somewhere exciting, it is supposedly going to be held in the local night club. Instead of being treated to a nice meal in the nice venue somewhere exciting, we are going to be given some food vouchers for some local participating (and I might add distinctly average) restaurants, where we will be expected to eat at said restaurant in our posh dresses and then trek over to the club afterwards.. now, not to be to ungrateful or anything, I was expecting a little more than that considering its a grad ball. I don’t see the point in putting any effort in what so ever now. Although I suppose its a bit of a fitting end to my university life..

Man i’m bitter!


4 Responses to “Sucky”

  1. Aww thats rubbish. Poo your uni, you should get all poshed up and have a nice evening out with Andy! I recon that would be much better and probably cheaper.

  2. or… I could come to your graduation instead! Ok I know its literally decades away, but i’m willing to wait :p

  3. Hey you! I bloody graduate this year same as you! (I have 3 degrees to get, one this year and tuther 2 in a few years time)

  4. But i’d love you to come 😀 I must have cheering (or some form of chanting ) when I go and get my degree tho!

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