Secret Thoughts
This is what happens when you take a degree that you hate

Origami Rules


I have an origami calender and today I made a whale. Look at him go, swimming along with all the..wooden fish and stuff..

I’ve named him Boris. Boris the whale
You should get one!

Anyhoo, my tutor has decided that he doesn’t like my dissertation idea anymore. He has decided to tell me this the week before I’m due to hand in my entire draft..
Well. He can just go climb up a big big pole you do. For those who don’t know, he has done this many times before. From a blog in a past life:

“When we were deciding what to do our dissertations on in the summer, he said he liked my idea.
In first seminar with him, he said he *didn’t* like my idea, so i had to think of idea number two in a week.
In the next seminar, when i had subject number 2 ready, he decided again that he actually *did* like my first idea after all…”

So this makes it the 4th time he has changed his mind.
Any of you watched that kids program ‘My parents are aliens’? It was really good before they replaced the mother. Anyway, My tutor is kinda a mixture of the dad in that and.. tony blair (he doesn’t deserve capital letters) Thats the only way I can describe him! Well whatever. I don’t even listen to the man anymore.

I’m going to make a jacket potato with tuna and cheese now. They never have alienotic or blairish tendencies. Apart from when they go green. but none of mine are green, so all is good!


2 Responses to “Origami Rules”

  1. Ooo sexy whale there!

  2. Hello philippa!

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