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A bow in my hair


Well well, I haven’t written much in here for a while. I apologize. Actually, no I don’t. Technically, seeing as this is a place for ranting about my ‘degree’ and such, it’s probably more of a good thing that I haven’t written here, as it means I haven’t had anything to complain about! That’s still true really, to a point. Recently I’ve just been ignoring its existence. Not the work – i’m still doing that, begrudgingly, but the fact that my degree exists. OK that doesn’t make a lot of sense really. It sounded alright in my head :p

Anyway, for a short catchup, the rats have now officially gone, although we still have rat poison in the roof for us to eat if the cupboards run bare. Oh and the Grad ball is still on track as previously mentioned, although now there will be no food provided at all, and we will be paying £30 for just turning up at two local clubs. How is that worth it on any level?? There is a revolt going on as a good chunk of other students don’t want it either, but I doubt anything will come of that.

I was going to rant about my hair today as I’ve just had it cut. Basically the hairdresser was completely deaf and blind, as I provided her with many pictures to my specified cut from hair magazines, and told her very explicit instructions, but she decided to ignore both, and I ended up walking out of the hairdressers £30 poorer looking pretty much the same as i went in, except poker straight and ginger. I hate it when they straighten it so much. It always makes my hair look so thin and straw-like, and I have very thick hair!! However i’m actually warming to it now so I don’t think I need to continue any further, and to be fair it’s not really ginger – more bright copper, but still!


2 Responses to “A bow in my hair”

  1. We need piccys!! and yay Rat poison is good if your bloods too thick although it does make you bleed internally and die! so maybe toast is a better option!

  2. you should post up lots of piccys! i love your new hair xxx

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