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Excuses excuses

Ok I’m going to have to scrap my last comment about the lack of things to complain about, as I have just received an email from my tutor about some essays which he was meant to have marked by the 16th of February! Thats well over a month ago. Tut tut Alan.
In the email he’s displaying yet again, his remarkable ability in hypocrisy, and it appears a new ability in gloating! This is the second email he has sent apologizing for the delay, but I’d just like to draw your attention to the recent email.

Picture 2

I’m sure we are all avidly interested in your obvious academic ability – I’m so proud of your A+ and the number of hours you have been putting in for this wonderful grant of yours. It sounds like such a hard subject, and I bet your research will change the world to be sure. Good idea to put in a plug for the people you are hoping to be involved with too.
What was the purpose of the email again? I forgot after having to wade through all the blatant gloating there. Oh yeh, the essays. It’s nice to know us students are so important to you! Although you are the senior lecturer after all, so research must be of the utmost importance, and you’re right, it’s ‘for the standing of the University as one of the foremost in the country’, but really, why bother? Your department barely exists any more, and the University is hardly known for it!

You take your time with marking our essays, I’m sure we’ll all be happy to receive them at your earliest convenience.


2 Responses to “Excuses excuses”

  1. Haha he sounds like a nob head, although my supervisor is a nob to. Shall we do them both in together using an axe and a small tub of jam?

  2. he should be sacked for that. he’s not doing his job the t*at! if you used that as an excuse for not attending lectures or handing in essays then you would be failed instantly… i can feel the mehness with you! xxx

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