Secret Thoughts
This is what happens when you take a degree that you hate



(picture from ‘big fat rat’s‘ photo stream)

We have rats in our roof! Unfortunately not as cute as the one above. Well, I don’t know, they might be, but I highly doubt it.

We’ve been hearing noises for a couple of months now. They are really quite scary, because it’s not just scuttling about, we hear banging, and hear things falling down – it’s very loud, to the point where it wakes us up at times! We got our landlady involved, but bless her, shes scared to bits of mice and small creatures and doesn’t want to admit that the noises are probably is mice/rats. She and her little Philippino friend concluded that it’s the wind as they couldn’t find any obvious signs of any animal/s living up there.. yeh right.

Since our intrusion into the loft though our little inhabitants have decided to move to a different section of the loft and are now causing havoc with the rubble up there, and seem to be throwing it down the cavity walls as they make that little space their own. Last night one of them fell down the cavity wall, and had a bit of a scrabble, right next to my flat-mates head as she was trying to sleep. She didn’t get much of that as you can imagine. It’s especially not the sort of thing you want to hear after watching most haunted!

We have now got pest control involved, and they are due to visit soon. I hope we don’t have too long to wait, and I certainly hope they find something when they come over here! The noises don’t really bother me anymore, but its not nice even so.
Heres to a rat free house!


Ok, so I’m nearly finished with my degree. I know I’m going to do very badly, but I don’t dare tell anyone this. I don’t think I should have even done a degree in thee first place but back then it’s just what you did. I certainly don’t have the brain for it. I’m guessing that I’m going to come out with a 2.2.. which is ok, but for all the work that I’ve put in, it hardly seems worth it. Especially with the department I have , who have just screwed me around from day one. This is an article that was published in the University Paper, which gives you an idea of the wonderful department:

disspointing department

Although the above doesn’t specifically mention my department, I recognize all the symptoms oh too well! Initially I really wanted to do the course I’m on (well at least I think I did – its all I ever knew because my parents were so pushy) but now, I’m not even the least bit interested in what I’m doing – which makes it extremely difficult to produce work of a high quality. To make matters worse, I’m meant to be looking for a job now! So what am I supposed to do?? I have absolutely no idea what I want to do in life. It certainly don’t want to do anything related to my degree, which kinda screws me over really, as that will be the highest qualification I have.

So in a nutshell, my education=3 years wasted